Dewan wins multiple awards for Astana Mosque


At the Identity Design Awards 2023, Dewan received multiple honors for the Astana Mosque (formerly Nur-Sultan Grand Mosque). Staged by Identity Magazine, the awards ceremony took place at the Palazzo Versace in Dubai. On the night, Dewan won the Cultural Building and Architecture Design of the Year awards for the Astana Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Central Asia.

Astana Mosque opened in Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana, last year. The mosque can comfortably welcome more than 30,000 worshipers at a time, incorporating various elements of Kazakh culture and Islamic traditions.

Spanning 57,000 square meters, Astana Mosque is adorned with four towering minarets that rise 130 meters above the central dome, visible from across the city. Each minaret defines the sahan, the formal courtyard of the mosque, surrounded by the riwaq, or arcade. The central dome, considered the largest of its kind worldwide, boasts a diameter of 62 meters and a height exceeding 83 meters. Encircling the dome is a 197.8-meter hand-designed calligraphic scroll, forming the world's longest calligraphic manuscript.