Dewan Newsletter 2011 | Issue 6

Making Green by Going Green,
Dewan Ongoing Sustainability Accomplishments.
“You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself” - Nelson Mandela. In the developed world, buildings consume half the energy that is produced and generate half the carbon emission – which is more than transport and industry. As architects and engineers, we have a responsibility to try to change this for future generations and thus Dewan became committed to the environment by employing design and construction practices that dramatically minimize resource consumption and negative impact of buildings on the natural environment. In response to the green world-wide movement, many rating and assessment systems have been created to provide guidance, awareness, standards and regulations to buildings from an environmental perspective. Most familiar systems include the voluntary green rating systems of the USGBC Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), BREEAM and Green Star among others. Similarly, the UAE, specifically Abu Dhabi, has strived to become a green city and has developed its own mandatory green standards and regulations and set it upon project stakeholders through the development of the ESTIDAMA Pearl Rating Systems. These green systems, whether voluntary or mandatory, contribute to the building certification and compliance with green local codes and standards. It is of Dewan’s interest to implement and receive these ratings and become part of the sustainable development process. Dewan Architects & Engineers has set a “go green” vision and aims to certify all its architects and engineers as LEED Accredited Professionals or ESTIDAMA Pearl Qualified Professionals in all 3 categories – Community, Buildings and Villas. In addition, it is determined to acquire a comprehensive knowledge on the most up to date research and advancements in the field of sustainable design in order to implement it within its projects. Our current LEED APs and pearl qualified professionals (PQPs) are dedicated to facilitating, managing and providing their expertise in the practical application of the USGBC’s LEED Rating System and Abu Dhabi’s Estidama Pearl Rating Systems: Pearl Villa Rating System (PVRS), Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS) and the Pearl Community Rating System (PCRS).

    Some of Dewan’s pioneers to receive green professional qualifications include:
  • Engi Jaber:  Architect & Sustainability coordinator with LEED AP (BD+C) and Estidama PQP in all 3 categories.
  • Hassan Fakhori:  Senior Architect with LEED AP and Estidama PQP in all 3 categories.
  • Hisham Moussa:  Senior Architect with LEED AP.
  • Vandana Gopakumar:  Senior Architect with LEED GA.
  • Layal Merhi:  Senior Architect with LEED GA.
  • Kavita Mathew:  Architect with LEED GA.
  • Rasha Mattar:  Junior Architect with Estidama PQP in all 3 categories.
  • Nizar Al Noori:  Assistant Resident Engineer with Estidama PQP in Buildings.

Other Dewanees are also encouraged to join this group by providing them with LEED and Estidama training opportunities as well as green seminars and workshops. Not only is Dewan interested in training its employees and gaining professional qualifications, but it has also adopted green strategies into its core designs and has become one of the first pioneer companies to achieve the Pearl ratings in Abu Dhabi with a series of “first Pearl accomplishments in their categories”. Such projects include the first 3-Pearl rating in the education sector for its ADEC schools project and the first and only 1 Pearl-community rating for its Al Bateen Park Community Development project. Other Pearl and LEED achievements include Kindergartens, hotels, villas and multi-use buildings for well-established projects and clients. Below is a comprehensive list of Dewan’s accomplishments to date (See projects images in the Latest News Section):

Project Name Location Size Client Rating Achieved
Premier Inn Hotel ADAC Abu Dhabi, International Airport 13,000m² Premier Inn Estidama 2 Pearl Building Rating Achieved
Fairmont Hotel Abu Dhabi, UAE 160,000m² Fairmont LEED Certification in Progress
ENEC Guest House Abu Dhabi, UAE 22,517m² ENEC Estidama 2 Pearl Building Rating in Progress
Project Name Location Size Client Rating Achieved
ADEC Schools - Al Shawamekh Schools Abu Dhabi, UAE 28,690m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 3 Pearl Building Rating Achieved
ADEC Schools - Al Shamkha Schools Abu Dhabi, UAE 30,614m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 3 Pearl Building Rating Achieved
ADEC Schools - Bani Yas Schools Abu Dhabi, UAE 28,783m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 3 Pearl Building Rating Achieved
ADEC Kindergarten - Al Muwieji KG Abu Dhabi, UAE 13,382m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 2 Pearl Building Rating Achieved
ADEC Kindergarten - Al Zakher KG Abu Dhabi, UAE 4,775m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 2 Pearl Building Rating in Progress
ADEC Kindergarten - Al Jimi KG Abu Dhabi, UAE 5,100m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 2 Pearl Building Rating in Progress
ADEC Kindergarten - Al Yahar KG Abu Dhabi, UAE 5,100m² ADEC/MUSANADA Estidama 2 Pearl Building Rating in Progress
Repton Foundation School Abu Dhabi, UAE 6,866m² Repton Estidama 1 Pearl Building Rating in Progress
Commercial / Mixed Used
Project Name Location Size Client Rating Achieved
Celestial Heights Dubai, UAE 99,703m² JAD 23/24/25 Investment Limited LEED Certified Registered Project
Aquarius Gate Dubai, UAE 115,000m² CIRRUS LEED Gold Certification Registered Project
Project Name Location Size Client Rating Achieved
Al Bateen Park Development Abu Dhabi, UAE 43,944m² Aldar Properties Estidama 1 Pearl Community, Building & Villa Achieved

Dewan determined to carry out this vision, is aiming to achieve further green success and positive environmental impacts into its current and upcoming future projects. This is to be achieved through assisting and delivering innovative design solutions led by high environmental standards and efficient use of resources. Moreover, Dewan not only applies these solutions to its projects but has also implemented it into its operational and daily functions at its studios. Recycling papers, waste, and energy monitoring among others are being employed. “We have one aim, which is to enhance and balance the relationship between the environment, the architecture and the inhabitant’s wellbeing for the present and future consumers and developments.” This is just the beginning and we have just achieved our first milestone and Dewan is proud to stand today and state that we are Sustainable.

Latest News

The Avenue Retail Development - Dubai, UAE
Dewan has been awarded a contract to undertake the design and supervision of The Avenue Retail Development by Dubai-based real estate Development Company Meraas Development. This new project – and others like it – is clear evidence that the Dubai property market is recovering from the effects of the global financial crisis back in 2008. Situated between Al Wasl Road and the First Interchange Road leading to Al Wasl, The Avenue will see the development of 57 retail units, including a well-known branded anchor supermarket, numerous retail spaces, various restaurants and coffee shops, as well as a healthcare clinic. The fast-track project is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012, at which point it will cover a total built-up area of 12,800 m² on a plot of approximately 53,000 m². In addition, it will include outdoor seating boasting extensive landscaping, water features and green spaces. Said Mohamed Al Assam, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Dewan: “The Avenue Retail Development is an exciting new project and we will be working closely with Meraas Development, aligning our design objectives with their goals, to ensure that it is delivered to the highest standards.” He added: “Dubai’s retail property sector is proving increasingly stable and sustainable after the financial crisis, a fact that has led to a boost in investor confidence. This, in turn, is providing impetus to the industry's growth momentum. With reports indicating significant growth in the sector, we are optimistic about the future.” . . . . .

Fujairah Marriott & Business Center - Fujairah, UAE
This proposed development is anticipated to be a landmark project within Fujairah and will position itself as one of the primary hospitality/commercial developments in the area. The Fujairah Marriott Courtyard and Business Centre is a mixed use development consisting of a G+21 floors, Hotel and Apartment Tower and a G+18 floors, Office Tower, sharing a G+2 Retail Podium with a total built-up area of 130,000 sq.m. The development design objective is to energize the strategically located site in Fujairah by creating an urban nucleus where people live, work and shop. The project aspires to be an active and integrated part of the urban fabric being developed in this area. Schematic Design Stage of this project have been achieved and submitted to the client, within the envisioned time period. . . .

Premier Inn ADAC - Abu Dhabi International Airport
The Premier Inn is a design exercise responding to the context and land usage as envisaged by the planners of Abu Dhabi International Airport precinct and the associated developments in its neighborhood. Premier Inn is positioned on one of the busiest locations of the ADIA precinct, just across the street from the Terminal 3. The Design of this building is the outcome of a careful mix of hotel functions displayed in simple and clean architectural masses seeking distinguishable presence in the surroundings. The project is more than just an expression of a comfortable and friendly hotel environment; it is, at the same time, a practical approach towards providing the necessary high standard services to the everyday guest by offering a careful selection of self-sustained venues within the hotel dedicated to offer the needful assistance to both the guests and the casual visitors. The contemporary architecture of the building is meant to appear as two linear intersecting masses representing the simple and practical layout beyond. These masses are finished with glass and aluminum cladding and present an image consistent with the ADIA precinct. Leisure and lifestyle utilities such as a modern gymnasium, a swimming pool, offer guests a break during the day and the opportunity to recharge before another business day or a new trip. Sustainable design is yet another feature of the project. The building will be designed, detailed and constructed to carry an Estidama Sustainable compliance credential demonstrating the efforts done by the stakeholders to share the environmental responsibilities towards the surroundings and beyond. . .

Retail Corridor ADAC - Abu Dhabi International Airport
The Project is a retail corridor extension, which provides the connectivity between the Abu Dhabi Airport Terminal and the Premier Inn transit hotel shall form an integral part of the Hotel and the existing retail corridor. The passengers are currently able to access the Retail Corridor either by using the pedestrian crossing at street level or the underground tunnel via T3 Terminal. At present, the existing Retail Corridor faces the T3 car park, Skypark, and houses F&B outlets and commercial spaces providing travel support such as car rental companies and banking counters. The Extension will continue the linear approach within the Retail Corridor to span along the front of the T3 hotel leading to the vertical circulation. Passengers will use the elevators or the escalators to go down to the hotel lobby for checking in. . .

Christophe Harbour Resort, Saint Kitts & Nevis - Caribbean
Christophe Harbour is located within the twin-island, English speaking nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts is some 50-70 miles from the popular yacht cruising destinations of St. Barths, St. Maarten, and Anguilla. The site, located on the island’s Southeast Peninsula is a short 15-minute drive from the Robert L. Bradshaw airport, which in addition to a private FBO has direct flights from London, Miami, New York, Atlanta, San Juan and Charlotte. Christophe Harbour is comprised of approximately 2,500 acres of dramatic topography including six of the island’s most beautiful beaches, 13 miles of coastline, a 300-acre salt pond, and elevation changes from sea level to more than 1,000 feet. The narrow isthmus leading to the peninsula creates the feel of an “island within an island” providing spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and Nevis. Current approvals allow for approximately 2,000 homes, a minimum of 250 hotel rooms, a mega-yacht harbour and marina village; however the development team is continually studying the land to determine the lowest density possible to maintain a successful project. The current plans provide for approximately 1,500 residences. Dewan proposal for the 5 Star Resort Development, will include the following major components like; Main Pool and All Day Dining Pavilions, Hotel Retail, External Terraces, Pool/Beach Café/ and Sunset Bar, Ball Room, Business Center and Spa with Hot and Wet Treatment. Fitness Center and Jetty. Hotel Rooms with land Bungalows, and on water Bungalows. Villas / Suites (2,3, and 4) bedrooms, Presidential Suites/Villa 4BR, with Room Services and Utilities. Besides Support Services, Specialty Restaurants, with Casual Dining. and a Library/Art Showroom . .

Al Karkh Club - Baghdad, Iraq
Located in Baghdad, on a corner plot at the intersection between two important streets, Al Zawraa Street and Al Mansur Street, with a total BUA of (140,846 sq.m). The project aims to create a landmark in the city of Baghdad, by utilizing a contemporary and dynamic architectural language to convey the project significance and going beyond its functional aspects. That was achieved by the creation of contrasted elements, which generates visual attraction and gives the building its unique expression.

    Main Component of the Project:
  • Main Stadium
  • Indoor Sport Hall
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hotel
  • Administration
  • Parking
The distinctive design of the entrance of the building creates a strong focal point providing a clear route to visitors and a sense of orientation. Inspired by the dynamism of the sports activities taking place in this buildings, energetic colors, such as yellow and red, where used in different parts of the project. . . .

Investment Complex near Baghdad International Airport - Baghdad, Iraq
Dewan is appointed to undertake the consultancy services to design this prestigious project near Baghdad International Airport. The project area is nearly 70.000 m2. The Consultancy Services shall constitute the study, design and supervision for the project Master plan components as follows: Business Hotel 4 stars (300+ rooms), Hotel 3 stars (200 rooms), Health club: operated and accessed by the hotels with direct street access for other members, Services apartments for long lease, 60% 1 bedroom and 40% 2 bedrooms, Conference hall and meeting facilities, Communication center, Medical center, Commercial center, Maintenance center for Toyota cars, Areas allocated for future development. .

Najaf Justice Palace & Courts Complex, Najaf - Iraq
Located in the City of Holy Najaf, on the main road linking the cities of Najaf and Karbala, to the north of the old city of Najaf, on a site area of approximately (15000 sq.m). The design concept was derived from the title of the project (Justice Palace), which had a great impact on the design. The design has taken into consideration the axial symmetry that is used in designing palaces due to its role in giving the project prestige, status, symbolizing the role of law and justice in the society. The symmetry in this building creates visual balance on both sides of the main axis, which symbolizes justice and the state of balance it creates. The building mass follows a U-shape, creating an internal environment inspired by the traditional Baghdadi Houses and the Baghdadi Courtyard, in a modern interpretation where the courtyard is opened from the main elevation creating a strong attractive visual element. . . . .

    Main Component of the Project:
    The total project’s area: 11820 sq.m, and it consists of:
  • Public Buildings
  • Public Reception Building and Cars Entry
  • The Main Court Building, 3 Floors (Basement + Ground + 2 Floors)
  • The Lawyers Offices Building
  • Nursery & Kindergarten
  • The Judicial Police Building
The buildings was designed to respond to its environmental context by creating alleyways and corridors inspired by the Iraqi Islamic Architecture, creating shaded open spaces. In a addition to that, symmetrical gardens where designed in the heart of the project providing clean, relaxing environment by using the refreshing landscape elements: Water and greenery.

Kufa Court Building - Najaf, Iraq
Located in Kufa, in The Governorate of Holy Najaf, to the north eastern side of the Old City of Najaf, on a site of approximately (4875 sq.m) area. The architectural language used is a contemporary, but inspired by the traditional style used in designing this type of buildings. The building form expresses the transparency of the concept of Democracy and the role of Law in Iraq, through the visual communication between the visitors and the activities taking place within this building, by creating glass enveloped spaces that go in harmony with the main façade of the building, with welcoming curvilinear forms.

    Main Component of the Project:
  • The Main Building (3 Floors + Basement for Car Parking Spaces & Services and Area to Receive and Keep Detainees)
  • A Central Cafeteria on the Ground Floor
  • Reception & Seating Area for Public in Each Part
  • Total Built up Area will be 3300 m2
Functionally, the separation between the circulations of the different users of the building (public, employees, judges and prisoners) was highly taken into consideration, so that none of these circulation paths interrupt each other, ensuring the efficiency of the building. .

Al Khillani Islamic Center
Located on the site of Al Khillani Historic Mosque, on the eastern side of the city of Baghdad, on an important site where three major streets intersect: Al Khulafaa Street, Al Kifah Street, and the street extending form Al Sanak Bridge. The design concept was based on the following principles: The design was inspired by the Iraqi Islamic Architecture and its elements. Conservation of the existing Mosque and Library buildings, emphasizing on the architectural cultural heritage of the mosque and the exiting fence. For this reason, the architectural language of the historical buildings were reflected in the preliminary design, and repeated in the project directly and indirectly.

    Main Component of the Project:
  • The Mosque
  • The Religious School
  • Research Center (Within the Religious School Building)
  • Public Library
  • Guesthouse for VIP Visitors
  • Multipurpose Hall
  • VIP Visitors’ Hall
  • Halls for Religious Events
  • Secondary Halls for Presentations and Similar Activities
  • Corridors
  • Basement
  • Commercial Office
  • Other Services
The importance of the external courtyard of the complex, occupying the maximum area possible in order to accommodate the large number of worshippers by orienting it towards the Qibla. . .

Maqam Imam Zein Al Abdeen - Najaf, Iraq
Located on the main road surrounding the old city of Najaf (Al Soor Street), to the west of the old city of Najaf on a cliff overlooking the Sea of Najaf and along the western visual axis of Imam Ali Holy Shrine. The Maqam consists of two floors, ground and basement. The design took into consideration the following principles: Emphasis on the visual relationship with Imam Ali Holy Shrine, and the circulation relationship with the adjacent Safi Safa Shrine. Inspiration from the Iraqi Islamic Architecture (colonnades and arches) and the architectural language of the adjacent Safi Safa shrine. Creating a central courtyard surrounded by open colonnades that do not interrupt the visual relationship with the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali to the east, and Bahar Al Najaf (Sea of Najaf) to the west. Providing toilets and ablutions spaces, located in the basement level in order not to disturb the circulation of the visitors, and to serve the visitors of the Holy Shrine and the Maqam. . .

Repton Foundation School - Abu Dhabi
Repton Foundation School consists of a two story main building which contains classrooms on the ground floor for KG 1&2 and 12 classrooms on the first floor for Grade 1, as well as a service block. It is located on a 6,867 sq.m plot in a prime location on the developing Reem Island which is accessible via bridges linking it to Abu Dhabi, Sowwah and Saadiyat Islands. The site, as well as most surrounding plots, is owned by Sorouh. The school is operated by Evolvence and all areas on the site are designed for private use by students, parents and staff only. The site is gated and contains a single controlled entry and exit point in order to ensure that only designated individuals are allowed access to the school grounds.

El Seif Residential - Riyadh, KSA
With an overall built up area of 15.234 sq.m, and a total open and play area of 1.420 sq.m, Dewan is awarded the Design Consultancy Services for this project. El Seif is a residential compound owned by El Seif Engineering Contracting at the junction of Al Imam ibn Saud bin Abdul Aziz Road and Khalid bin Waleed Street in Al-Hamra district of Riyadh KSA, the compound is to be constructed on a primary site of an area of 21.193 sq.m and to consist of the following: 2 bedroom townhouses (19 Nos.), 3 bedroom townhouses (40 Nos.), 2 bedroom apartments (20 Nos.), block & open play areas. (Tennis court, basketball court and swimming pool). .

Building Sites

The One Tower - Dubai, UAE: In Progress
On a prime location on Shk. Zayed Rd. concrete works is 100 % finished and Block work, cladding and interior finishing are on final stages, on this prestigious commercial tower of G+49 floors and total built up area of over 1 mill ft2. The project consists of 4 Basements + Ground + Mezzanine + 6Podium + 41 Floors Commercial & Offices Building and Multi-Story Parking Building at TECOM, Dubai. The ‘One Tower’ is a distinctive architectural exercise responding to the unique urban context envisaged by the planners of TECOM. It is positioned on one of the finest locations of the TECOM facing Dubai’s busiest Street-Sheikh Zayed road. The design is the outcome of a dynamic mix of functions displayed in simple and clean architectural masses seeking distinguishable presence in the surroundings. The project is more than just an inspired architectural expression of comfortable office spaces, it is an attempt to explore new horizons in the nature of everyday office experience by creating dynamic 360 degree views at every level overlooking the remarkable development of ‘Dubai Media city'. The tower’s ground floor space has been chosen for commercial utilities while the 4 basements and 6 podium floors are provided for parking. The upper 34 typical floors are optimized to be utilized as offices and moreover business center floor, restaurant floor, health club floor as well as 2 residential floors with all utilities are provided. .

Ras Al Khaimah Higher Women's Colleges - RAK, UAE: In Progress
All structural, substructural and cladding works are completed on this project. Glazing works are in progress, and the project overall construction work is 75% completed. The proposed Higher College of Technology, Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College, is located in Seih Al Araibi, on a site of 160,000 sq.m. The building is a ‘G+1’ structure, and is designed to house classrooms, offices, cafeteria, multimedia lounges, big multipurpose and lecture halls and internal and external landscaped areas. The institute is intended to provide academic programs as well as to provide services to the community. The project comprises the execution, construction, completion, testing and commissioning, and rectifying defects of the college building, including mobilization, concrete works, finishes, MEP works, aluminum works, joinery works, boundary walls, landscaping, external works and other building components works. One major facility on the compound is the auditorium and recreational area which shall be located close to the Men’s College in order to optimize the use through sharing. The project is G+1 with a total BUA 21,104 m2. .

Bateen Park Development - Abu Dhabi, UAE: In Progress
The overall percentage of construction work completed on this project is approx. 50%. The project consists of apartment blocks, townhouse, villas, small retail & Gym. swimming pools and other ancillary building, located in the center of Al Bateen Area (Abu Dhabi, surrounded by streets from all sides. The development consists of 12 buildings containing 284 Apartment units 2, 3, 4 bedrooms and penthouse. 10 Villas 6 bedrooms, 40 Villas 4 bedrooms & 25 townhouses 4 bedrooms and a small retail (approx. 700 sq.m). Site A consists of Blocks A, B, & C (Nine Buildings) 2,3&4 bedrooms apartments, over a common basement for car parking. Swimming Pool, Gym hall, Restaurant. Site B consists of Block D (Three buildings) over common basement, also consist of 10 nr. Of 6 bedroom villas (with swimming pool in each villa),40 nr. of 4 bedroom villas and 25 nr. of 4 bedroom townhouses and a small retail. swimming pools (2 nr), Gym hall, Playground, Tennis court. There are ancillary buildings such as substation and energy station building, guard houses, pump rooms and LPG room spread over Site A and Site B.

    The entire plot of 100,644 sq.m is divided into:
  • Site A (plot 23) which is 33,342 sq.m
  • Site B (plot 22) which is 67,302 sq.m
The total built up area of the Development is approx. 157,350 sq.m. The open areas are covered with hard and soft landscaping with facilities for children play areas, Swimming Pool, Water Features, Seats… etc. The internal road network is of hard paver blocks with covered car parking facilities at suitable locations. . .

Premier Inn Hotel - ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE: Completed
The Building works are completed and Building Completion Certificate is issued for this project. This 242 Rooms Hotel consists of 3 Basements Floors + Ground + Podium + 11 Typical Floors + Roof and upper roof with an area of approximate 18,800 M2. There is swimming pool, Gymnasium, Kitchen, Restaurant, Costa Café, Business Centre and Management Offices in Podium Level. (Please see other details of this project in the Latest News Section).

Future School Program Phase 2 Package 1&2 Kindergarten Schools, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Completed and Handed Over
The total of 5 schools of this package located in Al Ain, for Abu Dhabi Education Council were completed and occupied by client on time and according schedule. The Construction project comprised, completion and maintenance of 360 students capacity kindergarten school with built up area of approximately 5000 sq m comprising 18 student class rooms, spacious breakout and circulation areas, library, multi activity hall, nursery and kitchen facilities, healthcare facilities. External landscaped areas, external shaded play areas and shaded parking facilities. Advanced MEP systems and IT facilities. All projects are designed and constructed to meet Estidama pearl 2 sustainability rating requirement. .

Al Bateen School, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Completed
The project had been completed in 18 Month, albeit the challenging and the complexity of its iconic architecture and structure. Being a top class educational building, filled with the latest high tech wizardry, and contains renewable energy measure. With a total buildup area of 27,000 m sq.m, serving an exceptional educational environment for 1200 students,The project aims to break the monotony of the traditional program of school buildings, and create instead a unique structure of an irregular design that mirrors the progressive teaching environment. . . . . . . . . .

Al Rawdatain Gardens Hotel, Karbala, Iraq
TFoundation works is well in progress in this prestigious 5-star hotel/furnished apartments building located in the Holy City of Karbala, Iraq. The site of 7,400 sq.m area is strategically located in Karbala City within 510 m of the Holy Shrines. The hotel comprises of basement, ground and 12 floors with a built-up area of 64,740 sq.m. It is designed to have 144 hotel guest rooms in the first three floors, 468 furnished apartment units of 4 types in the 9 typical floors, 5 food and beverages outlets in the ground & first floor and other administrative & services located on basement, ground and first floor. The hotel will be operated by Shaza Hotels/Kempinski.

Project in Brief

Estidama for Bateen Park Development - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dewan Architects & Engineers have been appointed as lead consultants to develop the design of this project from Concept to Detailed Design stage within a compressed program of 79 days. Occupying a prime location at the heart of the prestigious Al Bateen Area in Abu Dhabi City, Al Bateen Park consists of apartment blocks, townhouses, villas, small retail outlets, Gym, swimming pools and other ancillary buildings. The entire plot area of 100,644 m² is divided into (Site A, which is 33,342 sq.m) and (Site B, which is 67,302 m²). The development consists of 12 multi-storey buildings containing 284 Apartment units (2, 3, 4 bedrooms) and penthouses; 10 Villas of 6 bedrooms; 40 Villas of 4 bedrooms and 25 townhouses of 4 bedrooms and a small retail area (700 m²). The total built up area of the Development is approx. 157,350m2. Site A consists of Blocks A, B, & C (Nine Buildings), over a common basement for car parking, Swimming Pool, Gym hall and Restaurant. Site B consists of Block D (Three buildings) over common basement, (with swimming pool in each villa), and a small retail, Swimming pools, Gym hall, Playground and Tennis court. Wide range of open spaces are scattered around the development, covered with both hard and soft landscaping with facilities for children’s play areas, swimming pools and covered parking. Abundant seating areas are spread over the open green areas with fountains and sculptures placed carefully throughout the development. The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has deemed this project in compliance with the Pearl Credit Requirements, under Estidama Pearl Community, for Buildings and Villa Design Rating Systems. This is the first “Community” approval in the UAE and is an achievement for Dewan and its team. With 50% of the overall percentage of work done, the project is expected to be completed on July 2012. . . . .

Al Bateen School, Abu Dhabi, UAE - Completed
Al Bateen Secondary School is located in Abu Dhabi, in AL Bateen area. It is been considered as an exceptional unique example for a modern methods of learning among schools in all over the Middle East. With a total buildup area of 27,000 sq.m, serving an exceptional educational environment for 1200 students, the project aims to break the monotony of the traditional program of school buildings, and create instead a unique structure of an irregular design that mirrors the progressive teaching environment. This idea is reflected in the different elements of the project: the Deconstructivist façade, the amorphous central atrium and the light-filled corridors. The project had been completed in 18 Month, albeit the challenging and the complexity of its iconic architecture and structure. Being a top class building, it is filled with the latest high tech wizardry, and it also contains renewable energy measure. . . . . . . . .

Success Stories

The Completion of Abu Dhabi Future Schools Program Phase 1 & 2
The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), recently unveiled plans to build 100 new schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as part of its ‘Future Schools Program to upgrade the education infrastructure in the Emirate. As part of this strategic initiative by ADEC, Dewan has been appointed to design and supervise the construction of 12 new schools across the Emirate. Each school will accommodate an average of 1,250 students and will encompass classrooms, laboratories, a 600-seater auditorium, library, cafeteria and kitchen, gymnasium, swimming pool and a multi-purpose sports hall. Technology is a key feature of the new school design that will be applied to new school buildings. Labs and ICT rooms will be equipped with the latest technology and every educational space in the new school buildings will be prepared for wireless connections to the internet providing a new learning mode for students in which they will learn direct computer skills. A number of technological features will also be applied to teaching methods making classes more interactive and conducive to an environment where students apply greater problem-solving and analytical skills. Dewan’s flexible concept design allows for a smooth functionality within the school while not sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Influenced by achieving a 3 Pearls Estidama Rating for sustainable design, the ambitious project fuses everyday effectiveness with enhanced efficiency. In order to achieve these aims, Dewan has worked with its teams of specialists to deliver world class architectural solutions that are economical, environmentally friendly, buildable and easy to maintain. These principles were carefully adopted and packaged within outstanding exterior designs that correspond with the client’s vision for the future. Dewan have just handed over the completed phase 1 & 2 of this ambitious project, and commenced with the next stage 3&4. .

Dewan join the Iraqi United Nations Global Compact Group UNGC
Under the Patronage of the United Nations and Government of Iraq, 30 Iraqi Companies Sign the Global Compact and launch the Iraq Network, to Promote Responsible Practices in Business. In an event in Baghdad, 15 October 2011, the United Nations Development Program and the Iraqi Council of Ministers Secretariat launched the UN Global Compact in Iraq. The Global Compact is a world-wide initiative to enhance the role of the private sector and promote responsible business practices through sustainable partnerships and commitments to human rights, labor standards, environmental sustainability and transparency in business operations. It is yet another step that puts Iraq and its private sector on the global business agenda as a key partner in the region and around the world Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly recognized worldwide as a factor for positive change in a country, providing the private sector with a significant role in promoting economic and social development. The UN Global Compact provides a framework to put these actions into practice, with a global mechanism applied locally through country Local Networks.The event, attended by representatives of the Government, local and international companies, civil society representatives, donors and the United Nations in Iraq, provided a platform to exchange knowledge on Corporate Social Responsibility principles, such as the ones defined by the UN Global Compact, and to discuss benefits and implementation within the Iraqi economic environment, while exploring opportunities for the private sector to be best engaged in such an initiative. The event featured the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the current members in Iraq, represented by the Iraq Centre for Business Community Development and nominated Representative of the Iraq Global Compact Network, and the United Nations Global Compact office in New York. The memorandum provides for the formal establishment of the Local Network of the Global Compact in Iraq. Over 30 companies, civil society organizations and multinational enterprises operating in Iraq formally joined the Global Compact initiative over the past months, underscoring the significant increase in awareness and engagement of Iraqi and global business communities. Corporate responsibility initiative - the world's largest with over 8,000 business and non-business participants in 135 countries.

    As a Participant, Dewan Al Emara commits to:
  • Set in motion changes to business operations so that the UN Global Compact and its Ten Principles become part of strategy, culture and day-to-day operations, including in subsidiaries and the supply chain.
  • Advocate the UN Global Compact and the Ten Principles via available communications channels; and Communicate annually with our stakeholders on efforts to implement the UN Global Compact principles, and post this Communication on Progress (COP) on the UN Global Compact website.
Dewan has registered with the UNGC taking a strong initiative towards the main principles and implementing them into their long term strategies.

Dewan Launches iPad & iPhone Apps
Dewan Architects are working now on creating an application that is available for free for both iPad and iPhone as a tool showing all Dewan’s projects and news that updates automatically in sync with the website (RSS Feeds). Dewan’s quarterly Newsletters are also available to download as pdf through this application, From Jan 2012.

Dewan People

Engi Jaber - Architect / Sustainability Coordinator
Ms. Engi has almost 5 years’ experience in Architectural Design and has recently specialized in Sustainability and its design and construction practices. She worked on a vast array of projects, including corporate offices, residential buildings and villas, commercial and mix-used buildings, rail projects and master planning developments throughout Canada, Oman, Saudi, Iraq and the U.A.E. Through her contribution on Dewan’s sustainable projects, she has contributed to the achievement of many of the first-ever projects to receive Estidama Pearl Rating certification in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Ms. Engi acting as an Architect and Sustainability Coordinator in Dewan, has described her early career years and choice of architecture as follows: “Though my years of experience might be short and limited as compared to many of my respectful colleagues, it has been quite an interesting rollercoaster journey thus far. I began my career early on during my student life where I have joint AEDAS as a part-time architectural assistant and then as a full-time Architect after graduation. Balancing between work and study was quite of a challenge but it only helped in contributing and supplementing one another. During my time in AEDAS, I have worked on many high-end mix-used projects of various scales, many of which people may be familiar with, such as: the Dubai Metro, Dubai British Council, IGY Marina Business Club, Oman’s Blue City and certain projects in Masdar City as well. My interest in Sustainability grew within me during university, where our instructors stressed over sustainable practices in our designs and was further developed during my practical experience. By 2009, I have become a LEED AP and was assigned in AEDAS to solely monitor and guide all their sustainable projects locally in collaboration with their London branch and had the opportunity to select many of the first green products and systems in the UAE to be installed within the projects. Soon afterwards, I have joined DEWAN Architects & Engineers where I have further developed myself in the architectural field and have learnt a lot from the well-experienced colleagues I work with everyday. DEWAN also gave me the opportunity to gain Abu Dhabi’s Estidama training and by May 2011 have acquired the Pearl Qualified Professional (PQP) qualification for all three categories – community, building and villas and have ever since been completely involved with sustainability. My journey has just kicked off but I am anxious of what is to yet come my way. The best part of it is that I am constantly learning and sky is the limit.” Since she joined Dewan in 2010, Ms. Jaber was successful in contributing and gaining experience, client satisfaction and adding to DEWAN’s portfolio of sustainability achievements whereby 9 successful projects have received various Estidama Pearl Ratings on Design. A few are considered the firsts in their category in Abu Dhabi to receive this recognition. She is now working on achieving their construction rating in addition to achieving other design ratings for the ongoing projects.


Osamah Al-Janabi
is a Senior design architect at Dewan Office. As a creative hobby, he developed a sensitive interest in photography and moved to higher skill by self-studying. Osamah believes that photography is a great tool to understand space and detail. That concept is reflected into his approach to architectural design. Osamah is always trying to explore new techniques and themes of different types of subjects and scales, varying from close ups details, portraits to landscape photography.


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