Dewan Newsletter 2011 | Issue 5

The Urban Renewal of The Old City Centers of Holy Najaf and Karbala
Dewan Architects & Engineers are proud to be appointed by The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works (MMPW) in Iraq, to undertake two of the key “Urban Renewal for The City Centers” projects for both Najaf and Karbala to revitalize and regenerate the urban fabric of the Old City Centers and highlight their important historical and religious identity. In view of the socio-economic, religious, and public importance of the holy cities in Iraq, the (MMPW) is now focusing on actively developing the centers of these cities, which are facing serious degradation and real crisis due to decades of government negligence and lack of proper maintenance of the delicate urban fabric of these cities which are overloaded with masses of millions of pilgrims annually and sometimes even weekly, in addition to the lack of infrastructure in terms of the insufficient number of hotels and commercial services. The objective of the study is to regenerate the urban fabric of the old city in a way which ensures conserving the buildings of heritage and/or religious importance and emphasize the historical and religious identity of the city.

    Dewan Scope of Services Covers the Following Stages:
  • Stage 1:  Documentation and verification of the existing condition.
  • Stage 2:  Analysis and Conclusions.
  • Stage 3:  Urban renewal alternatives and selecting the best option.
  • Stage 4:  Preliminary Urban Design Draft.
  • Stage 5:  Comprehensive Urban Design Scheme 3D.

The City Center of Holy Najaf - The Old Town
Project area: One Million Sq.M. | Main features: The Holy Shrine of Imam Ali (pbuh), Sites of historical events, Wadi Al Salam Cemetery, Markets and religious schools, Natural scenes of The Sea of Najaf. Najaf is one of the important cities in the middle part of Iraq. Located 70km to the south of Karbala and about 160km south of Baghdad, Najaf is the site of the Imam Ali bin AbiTalib shrine. Imam Ali is the cousin and son in law of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). The city now is an important center for pilgrimage from throughout the Islamic world hosting millions of visitors on certain occasions throughout the year. Nearby is the Wadi Al-Salam (Peace Valley), claimed to be the largest cemetery in the Muslim world (and possibly the largest in the entire world), containing the tombs of several prophets. Over the centuries, numerous hospices, schools, libraries and Sufi convents were built around the shrine to make the city the center of learning and theology. With more than 15 large libraries, and more than 40 religious schools Najaf could be considered as one of the important Islamic theological centers which made it legible to be the capital of Islamic culture for the year 2012.

The City Center of Holy Karbala - The Old Town
Project area: 1.5 Million Sq.M. | Main features: Holy Shrines of Imam Hussein (pbuh) and His brother Abbas (pbuh), Sites of historical events, Aashora Ceremonies, Markets, Natural scenes. The Holy City of Karbala is one of the most strategically important cities in the mid-south Iraq. Its importance emanates from the existence of the Shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas (pbuh). Imam Hussein is the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) who was killed with his family and followers in a tragic event on 680 AD. Since that time the desert oasis of Karbala has evolved to become a very important religious destination for millions of Muslims who come to visit the Holy Shrines, which led to the birth of the first urban agglomeration of the existing city of Karbala. Karbala is located in the middle region of Iraq about 100 kms to the southwest of Baghdad on the eastern fringe of what is called the western plateau of Iraq. It is composed of a compacted organic urban fabric surrounding the two shrines which are the nuclei of the city which are still surviving despite the conditions in its difficult and oppressed history. The city is characterized by the vast number of pilgrims heading to the Holy Shrines on 13 specific religious occasions distributed throughout the year, which is attended by the millions annually. In addition, there are the regular pilgrims and visitors weekly throughout the year, not to mention the daily visits by several thousands of people. The unique cultural and religious heritage of the site with its strategic importance ensures that this inflow of people will continue to grow in the future, and hence the need for a well-studied solution that addresses and takes into consideration the existing structure and to also radically respond to the challenges the city expects to face in the future. The study area, which is 1.5 million sq m, shall include the old city of Karbala and consists of the 6 neighborhoods and The Area Between the Two Holy Shrines as shown in the attached map.

Latest News

Premier Inn Hotel - Abu Dhabi Airport, UAE
The Premier Inn is a design exercise responding to the context and land usage as envisaged by the planners of Abu Dhabi International Airport precinct. It is positioned on one of the finest locations of the ADIA precinct, just across the street from the Terminal 3. Premier inn hotel comprises of a ground floor and 5 levels having 60 guest rooms each, with a total built up area of 14000 sq.m. The Design of this building is the outcome of a careful mix of hotel functions displayed in simple and clear architectural masses seeking distinguishable presence in the surroundings. . .

Fujairah Marriott & Business Center - Fujairah, UAE
The Fujairah Marriott Courtyard and Business Centre is a mixed use development consisting of a G+21 floors, Hotel and Apartment Tower and a G+18 floors, Office Tower, sharing a G+2 Retail Podium with a total built-up area of 130,000 m2 . The development design objective is to energize the strategically located site in Fujairah by creating an urban nucleus where people live, work and shop. The project aspires to be an active and integrated part of the urban fabric being developed in this area.

Al Rawdatain Gardens Hotel - Karbala, Iraq
Is a 5-star hotel/furnished apartments building located in the Holy City of Karbala, Iraq.The site of 7,400 m2 area is strategically located in Karbala City within 510 m of the Holy Shrines. The hotel comprises of basement, ground and 12 floors with a built-up area of 64,740 m2. It is designed to have 144 hotel guest rooms in the first three floors, 468 furnished apartment units of 4 types in the 9 typical floors, 5 food and beverages outlets in the ground & first floor and other administrative & services located on basement, ground and first floor. The hotel will be operated by Shaza Hotels/Kempinski. . . . . . .

Rotana Saadiyat Hotel & Resort - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Saadiyat Rotana Complex is a 6 storey 5 star hotel of 354 keys, 13 villas, hotel amenities, F&B outlets, specialty restaurant, ballroom, business center, a unique gym & spa, landscaped areas, water features, swimming pool, courtyards, terraces, tennis courts and a variety of beach activities.It’s build up area is approximately 66,000 m2 and is located on a site of 90,000 m2 with a 300 m of water frontage on the North Beach District of the Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The project is funded by M/s Al Diya Hospitality Investment and will be operated by the Rotana Hotel Management Corporation.

ADEC Schools phase 3 - Abu Dhabi, UAE
The projects (3 schools) are part of the Abu Dhabi Future Schools Programme initiated by Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) as part of its commitment towards building 100 new schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by the year 2013. This batch is the third phase of the programme aimed at improving the educational infrastructure. The schools are based on a new educational concept which encourages teamwork and motivates creativity. The architectural design has been developed particularly to service the new curriculum principles and provide students with venues and facilities to explore opportunities for innovation and promote the constructive interaction among students and teachers. An important part of the design concept targets the active partnership with the surrounding environment through the organized usage of parts of the premises by the surrounding communities for social, sport and cultural activities. The schools are building on fairly large plots of land (around 35,000-40,0000sqm) which allow adequate areas for external activities and play grounds. The building is a 2 floor structure amounting to 20,000sqm of built up area equipped with state of the art MEP and LV/IT technologies. The buildings will achieve a 3 pearl Estidama rating which is yet another sign of commitment to the local and global environments through achieving, among other targets, the smallest possible carbon footprint for such a development.The look and feel of the buildings manifests a contemporary statement which promotes shaded external enclosures and ample day lighting into the working spaces. The usage of façade colors had been carefully studied to enhance the feeling of orientation and belonging, and is designed in harmony with colors used in the interior spaces and landscape elements to deliver an integrated design concept. . . . .

Teachers Accommodations - Abu Dhabi, UAE
The project is a development of five (5) gated communities for Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). The 5 plots having an approximate total land area of 107,750 sq.m. andwill provide accommodation for teachers working in the Western Region mainly in MadinatZayed, Al Mirfa, Al Wagan, Al Quaa and Al Showaib. Project components will be residences of 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms& 3-bedrooms apartments and 4-bedrooms villa; each master plan will have its own community center and related infrastructures. .

The Area between The Two Holy Shrines - Karbala, Iraq
As part of Dewan’s involvement with the Urban Renewal plan for the Historic City Center of the Holy City of Karbala, Dewan is awarded the development of the public area between the Two Holy Shrines (about 16000 sq.m), to identify the solutions for absorbing and accommodating the large masses of visitors during the religious ceremonies and occasions. The objectivesof the project is also to revitalize the study area and find the suitable solutions to the existing problems through the development and expansion of the areas surrounding the Holy Shrines The area is characterized by the vast number of pilgrims heading to the Holy Shrines on 13 specific religious occasions distributed throughout the year, which is attended by the millions annually. In addition, there are the regular pilgrims and visitors weekly throughout the year, not to mention the daily visits by several thousands of people.

Bab Al Murad Hotel - Baghdad, Iraq
Schematic Design stage is now completed for this 4 stars Hotel in a prime location in the center Kadimiya. The project is located on a corner plot of approximately1360 m and has its main entrance road leading to The Holy Shrines.The project consists of a three floors shopping mall and a 4 stars hotel (10 floors).

Arjan Apartments - Saudi Arabia
This Master plan development withan area of 45,900 sqm, is located in Riyadh. The master plan has been developed as a gated accommodation community project, comprising of components 1BHK (160 No), 2 BHK (40 No), 64 Villas & a Community Center. The site master plan concept is intended to create a family oriented community with attractive environmental facilitated outdoor and indoor facilities, open yards and landscape features to achieve optimum enrichment of the development for its occupiers, visitors and surrounding neighborhood. . . . .

Shegery - Saudi Arabia
Dewan has developed the Masterplan for this project, with an area of 535,000 Sq.m. The project floor area ratio (FAR) is 2.5 that gives a total built up area (BUA) of 1,337,500 Sq.m to form a self-sustained community divided into neighborhoods, the project contains the following utilities: Duplex residential buildings, Hotel of 150 rooms, 4 Preliminary schools, Clinics, Retail and cafe on the lake area, 4 Mosques, Health club, Social club, Shopping mall, Amenities. All these components are distributed into buildingsofG+1 to G+9 floors. The heights increases towards the center of the project and reduces towards the periphery which give the project a good visibility from inside out and vice versa. . . . .

Manazel Cordoba - Saudi Arabia
This is one of the largest integrated housing communities in the City of Riyadh, Manazel Cordoba project will be able to home over 4,500 people through a varied offering of 1400 villas, duplexes and apartments, distributed over 360,000 square meters of land. In addition, Manazel Cordoba will incorporate a retail component that would cater to the day-to-day needs of the residents and their neighboring communities. . . . .

Sheikh Zayed Mosque Center - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Option 1 - Below Ground
Our first design proposal is a very minimalist “land art” built insertion into the North-East site, where built elements are barely protruding to signal its presence to the visitors. This principle will insure that no view of the Grand Mosque is obstructed by the new structure.The entrance of the Center is marked by a single glass Islamic dome following the proportions of the Grand Mosque. This feature will lead the visitors and as they gets closer the very vegetal open courtyard will reveal itself as natural ground recess from which all the Center facilities are accessible. This cognitive journey will take the visitors further into the ground where they will learn about the monument they about to enter before being “lifted” to the Grand Mosque North-East Corner. . .

Option 2 - Above Ground
Our second design scheme proposes to develop an independent building also located on the North-East site in order to be readily identified as a separate entity and not obstruct the views to the Grand Mosque. The proposed design, while using matching features, colors, materials and proportions of the existing Grand Mosque, reflects the unique and prestigious nature of the project and its environment. Easily accessible from the visitors parking, the Center welcomes them in its central courtyard where the various facilities are accessible (reception, Multipurpose Hall, and leads the visitor through to the “living bridge” formally connecting the Center to the Grand Mosque ground level. The “living bridge” is fully integrated into the Center as it offers various active facilities within (shops, library,…) supporting and dramatizing the visitor’s journey towards the Grand Mosque. This journey will allow for the welcoming of the visitors onto the grounds and take them through the necessary initiative activities that will permit them to understand the nature of the landmark they are about to enter by crossing this bridge over the gap between the two structures . .

ADEC 5 Kindergartens - Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, UAE
In line with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Future development, and the 2030 Vision, Abu Dhabi Education Council proceeded with the construction of 5 Kindergartens in various locations in Abu Dhabi & the Eastern Region. Each Kindergarten was designed to accommodate 360 Students. Since kids at this age react extremely well to color & nature, we pictured the Philosophy behind the 3 separate clusters, each having its own Breakout & 6 Classrooms, to reflect different themes of nature; Sea, Farm & Jungle. Other components include multipurpose hall, Library, Administration, Lobbies, Circulation, Nursery, Special Education, Kitchen and other services. All of which were designed to the finest detail to reflect function and to meet the kids expectations. The building was designed to meet the Estidama 2 Pearl Requirement in which we allowed for external thermal comfort, efficient building envelope, low energy / water consumption, optimum use of daylight, recycling of material and advanced methodology for waste management. Each Kindergarten total Built up Area is approximately 5,000 m2. . . .

PPL HQ - Kabul, Pakistan
Dewan have submitted the concept design of The HQ of Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) reflects the prestigious image of this corporation and the fact that it shall be the core of its administrational activities. This image was projected by a solid and formal appearance of the building using simple and clear architectural language.Our preliminary concepts appear with dominating straight lines, to emphasize the clear and formal function of the building. The main elevation of the building to the main street was treated to indicate the solidness and formality of the PPL Corporation. Thus we lifted the whole building mass from the site ground by providing a pedestal, to emphasize the formality of the building, which helps to give a monumental appearance, and also helps with other security measures.The shape of the building mass helps to create a Central Backyard, which will be specially treated with landscaping friendly elements in order to create a lively green “Oasis” for the corporate employees. All offices shall have a nice overview of the green backyard, which is developed over the pedestal further to their street view.
Area of the site: 62169 sq. ft
Estimated Total Built Up Area: 370,000 sq. ft

Musafah Church - Abu Dhabi,UAE
In line with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Future development, and the 2030 Vision, it was concluded that multiple, adjacent lots will be allocated for future construction of neighboring churches, in Mussafah area. Our meeting house is located within this zone in Plot No. P-11, Sector No. 24, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. On this Plot, the Meeting House was designed to recognize the sacred and solemn nature of its structure with emphasis on the appropriateness of its use as a spiritual stetting by its patrons. The project components are inclusive of a Chapel, Library, Offices, Multi-activity Hall, Classrooms in addition to the necessary services. The project total Built up Area is approximately 1,400 m2.

Sorouh Villas - Abu Dhabi, UAE
One of the key mandates’s for the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council is to address the shortage in housing for local Emirati families in and around Abu Dhabi. Sorouh Villas in Al Shamkha National Housing Project site of 248 Ha will be a pivotal component in kicking off the Master plan for Al Shamkha National Housing community 40 Km east-south-west of the Abu Dhabi city center. The project comprises of (1238) 4-BHK, Two Pearl ESTIDAMA rated villas, taking strategic advantage of the facilities, amenities and infrastructure planned for the wider locality, all of which to improve the lifestyle and quality of the residents.

42 Villas Complex - Abu Dhabi, UAE
This luxurious residential villa complex is located in Mohammed Bin Zayed city, Abu Dhabi. The total plot area of 38230 sq.m., holds 42 typical villas and a community building that has fitness gym & swimming pool facilities dedicated to both residents & visitors. The villas are inspired by a contemporary Mediterranean architecture

Ahbabi Commercial & Residential Tower - Abu Dhabi, UAE
The building shall be located along Murror road, in the heart of Abu Dhabi Island.The project is composed of 10018.36 sq.m. total built-up area, with 12 typical floors containing 4 equal residential flats of 2 bedroom, living & dining and all related services. 4 basement floors with 52 car parking, an open space showroom on ground groundlevel and 2 open spaces with related services on mezzanine floor.

Nowais Villa Complex - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Two separate sites, with the same architectural style. Both located in a developed vicinity of Khalifa A, Abu Dhabi. The first site is composed of 17 villas and a community building with a plot area of 15615 sq.m. Second site have 4 villas on a 3995 sq.m. plot, and divided as follows: Plot size 15615 sq.m. (17 villas + community building) / Plot size 3995 sq.m. (4 villas + sub station).

Commercial / Residential Towers - Mohd. Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
1. Iconic Tower
with its pointed roof and angled elevation. Another project located in Mohamed Bin Zayed city with a total plot area of approximately 2090.32 sq.m. composed of 3 basements + 1 retail podium (ground floor) + 21 typical floors. The basement can occupy 106 parking. The tower has an 11021.85sq.m. gross floor area dedicated for apartments.

2. Residential Tower
The project shall be situated in Mohammed Bin Zayed city in Abu Dhabi with a total built-up area of 22670.3sq.m. composed of 3 basements, ground & 21 typical floors. The building can be described as an articulation of a modern design and echoes the elegance and beauty of classical architecture whilst maintaining a contemporary elegance and identity.

3. Commercial Tower
The project shall be located in a prime zone of Abu Dhabi island in Mohammed Bin Zayed city, composed of 3 basements, ground, and 21 typical floors with a total built-up area of 17672.75 sq.m. the tower is detailed using elements of classical architecture includes cornices & Grecian columns. The distinctive of the façade give the building an air of grandeur which sets it apart from other surrounding projects.

Al Fardan Tower - Abu Dhabi, UAE
This luxurious residential villa complex is located in Mohammed Bin Zayed city, Abu Dhabi. The total plot area of 38230 sq.m., holds 42 typical villas and a community building that has fitness gym & swimming pool facilities dedicated to both residents & visitors. The villas are inspired by a contemporary Mediterranean architecture.

Al Seif Complex Masterplan - Saudi Arabia
It’s a self-sustained community divided into neighborhoods, on a total project area of nearly 26,864 Sq.m. The project total built up area (BUA) is 20,074.5 Sq.m (74.7%) with the following components: 2 Bedrooms Villas, 3 Bedrooms Villas,4 Bedrooms Villas, Staff Accommodations and other Facilities. All these components are distributed among building of G+1+ half roof floor.

Ajmakan - Saudi Arabia
Ajmakan is one of the biggest and most exclusive real-estate projects in Saudi Arabia. Located in Al Khozama, one of Riyadh’s most vibrant and sought-after precincts, Ajmakan sits on a generous 1,840,000 sqm of prime land. The development, the first gated community of its kind within the Kingdom, will include an exclusive boutique hotel, regal palaces, visionary villas, expansive malls, high-tech commercial space and elite retail boulevards. A lusciously landscaped Wadi Walk alongside manicured lawns and a replenished WadiHanifa add to the splendor of this development.

Building Sites

DI Head Quarter - Dubai, UAE: Handed Over
The project is located in Dubai Investment Park and it serves as its main headquarters office. The office building is made up of B+G+6 typical floors. Main construction work is completed and the project handed over. As an image for Dubai Investment Company expanding business, and located in the fast developing Dubai Investment Park, DI headquarter with its characteristic triangular shapes and terraced ground floor. The main office building with some other commercial purposes has a built up area of 383,363 ft2. consisting of 1 basement, ground and 6 floors. Each typical floor has 7 offices with their utilities. The height of building is 34 meter and its outer skin is mainly aluminum panels and glass curtain walls. The building is surrounded by green areas and a big park designed in the rear side over an area equal to 20,000 m2. . . .

Vision Tower in Business Bay - Dubai, UAE: Handing Over
Strategically located in Dubai Business Bay, with its characteristic double tilted glass façade and panoramic sky bar, a health club containing restaurants, juice bar and gym, this commercial tower for Dubai Properties is completed. The tower built up area is 1.154.000 ft2. divided over G+64 commercial floors. Vision Tower is constructed at the entrance of Dubai Business Bay which is a commercial and residential region in Dubai located on Sheikh Zayed Road next to Downtown Burj Khalifa. It will become the second tallest building in the area, Vision Tower is 260 meters (853 feet) skyscraper covered with clear glass, allowing for unobstructed views. It will also have a bent transparent glass facade that will be made up of high-tech transparent glazing that will be internally lit to create a luminous beacon. Vision Tower includes modern business centers, parking space for more than 1400 cars with an exclusive passage to the Bay Avenue. . . .

The One Tower - Dubai, UAE: In Progress
On a prime location on Shk. Zayed Rd. concrete works is 100 % finished and Block work, cladding and interior finishing are on final stages, on this prestigious commercial tower of G+49 floors and total built up area of over 1 mill ft. The project consists of 4 Basements + Ground + Mezzanine + 6 Podium + 41 Floors Commercial & Offices Building and Multi-Story Parking Building at TECOM, Dubai. The ‘One Tower’ is a distinctive architectural exercise responding to the unique urban context envisaged by the planners of TECOM. It is positioned on one of the finest locations of the TECOM facing Dubai’s busiest Street-Sheikh Zayed road. The design is the outcome of a dynamic mix of functions displayed in simple and clean architectural masses seeking distinguishable presence in the surroundings. The project is more than just an inspired architectural expression of comfortable office spaces, it is an attempt to explore new horizons in the nature of everyday office experience by creating dynamic 360 degree views at every level overlooking the remarkable development of ‘Dubai Media city. The tower’s ground floor space has been chosen for commercial utilities while the 4 basements and 6 podium floors are provided for parking. The upper 34 typical floors are optimized to be utilized as offices and moreover business center floor, restaurant floor, health club floor as well as 2 residential floors with all utilities are provided.

Ras Al Khaimah Higher Women's Colleges - RAK, UAE
The proposed Higher College of Technology, Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College, is located in Seih Al Araibi, on a site of 160,000 sq.m. The building is a ‘G+1’ structure, and is designed to house classrooms, offices, cafeteria, multimedia lounges, big multipurpose and lecture halls and internal and external landscaped areas.The institute is intended to provide academic programs as well as to provide services to the community. The project comprises the execution, construction, completion, testing and commissioning, and rectifying defects of the college building, including mobilization, concrete works, finishes, MEP works, aluminum works, joinery works, boundary walls, landscaping, external works and other building components works. One major facility on the compound is the auditorium and recreational area which shall be located close to the Men’s College in order to optimize the use through sharing. The project is G+1 with a total BUA 21,104 m2.
Structure Works:
The project is a G+1 concrete structure, made up of slab on grade, ground and first floor slabs, and upper roof slab (hollow core and cast in place slabs), in addition to other structural elements such as footings, tie beams, columns, solid walls, parapets and masonry walls. The building has four passenger elevators connecting both the floors. In addition, the building also has six staircases.

Bateen Park Development - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Consists of 12 apartment blocks (B+G+5 storey+P.H each),contains 284 apartment units 2, 3, 4 bedrooms, and 75 Villas (10 Villas 6 BR, 40 Villas 4 B.R & 25 Townhouses 4 B.R), with other ancillary buildings.Common Basement for Car Parking, Swimming Pools , Water Features and small retail. The entire project's area is 100,644 sq.m, divided into: Site A which is 33,342 sq.m and Site B which is 67,302 sq.m.Total Built up area of the development is approx. 157,350 sq.m. Expected Completion date is July 2012.

6 ADEC Schools - Abu Dhabi, UAE: In Progress
This project includes 6 schools under Dewan design and supervision. Each school consists of: ICT labs, learning communities, library, and cafeteria, besides Gym area and other facilities. Substructure and superstructure work are completed. Block and plaster work are almost completed. Steel structure, internal tiling, external GRC, landscaping and roof sheeting on progress. The total built up area is 108,000 m2 for the 6 schools. The schools expected to operate on June 2011.

Premier Inn Hotel - ADNEC, Abu Dhabi, UAE: In Progress
Work is well in progress on the site of this strategically located hotel. Concrete, Block and Plaster works are completed, and Internal Finishing works is going all over the building. External Elevations consisting of Aluminum Works , Glazing and Aluminum Composite Cladding is finished for 3 Elevations. The project is expected to be handed over on July 2011. The hotel is located on a prime zone in Abu Dhabi, in the heart of Abu Dhabi Capital Center. The site of the project is located at the intersection of two roads in proximity to Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. The project will be a self-contained fully integrated development of 3 star hotel with 242 keys, in addition to necessary retail, recreation and F&B outlets.

Musabeh Ahmed Al Rumaithy Building - Abu Dhabi, UAE
25% of actual works is completed on this prestigiousG+8 residential building in Abu Dhabi. Concrete works up to 7th floor, Block works is in progress (25%) and Plaster works is (10%).Expected handing over date, Feb 2012.

Project in Brief

Estidama for Bateen Park Development - Abu Dhabi, UAE
The Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) has deemed this project in compliance with the Pearl Credit Requirements, under Estidama Pearl Community, for Buildings and Villa Design Rating Systems. This is the first “Community” approval in the UAE and is an achievement for Dewan and its team. Dewan Architects & Engineers have been appointed as lead consultants to develop the design of the project from the Concept to Detailed Design stage within a compressed program of 79 days. Occupying a prime location at the core of the prestigious Al Bateen Area in Abu Dhabi City, Al Bateen Park consists of apartment blocks, townhouses, villas, small retail outlets and other ancillary buildings. The entire plot of 100,644 m² is divided into Site A which is 33,342 m and Site B which is 67,302 m². The development consists of multi-storey buildings containing 296 Apartment units 2, 3, 4 bedrooms and penthouses; 10 Villas of 6 bedrooms; 40 Villas of 4 bedrooms; 25 townhouses of 4 bedrooms and a small retail area (700 m²). Plentiful open spaces are scattered around the development, covered with both hard and soft landscaping with facilities for children’s play areas, swimming pool and covered parking. Abundant seating areas are spread over the open green areas with fountains and sculptures dotted throughout the development. . . .

Success Stories

Top Ranking for Dewan in World Architecture Top 100
Dewan has for the third consecutive year received top honors from the prestigious UK industry publication Building Design Magazine. Dewan was ranked 4th for practices earning the most fee income from the Middle East - one spot higher than last year - and 64th globally on the magazine’s World Architecture 100 list, which profiles the world's largest architectural practices. The rankings are part of an annual survey commissioned by Building Design a publication widely recognized as architects' number one destination for news, comment and opinion ˗ of more than 2,000 firms worldwide, which are evaluated and ranked based on presence in the sector and region, as well as on the number of architects employed. “As the industry has become more competitive in recent years, successfully ranking with our peers in the industry is a great achievement for us”. Said Mohamed Al Assam, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Dewan. “We attribute our success to the fact that we truly value our relationships with our clients, that we offer a wealth of experience, and that each member of our team subscribes to a culture of quality, responsiveness, and commitment to delivery.” Dewan’s position is not surprising as it has been commissioned with numerous prestigious projects over the past year, including the Urban Renewal of the Old City Centers of two of Iraq’s most historic and holiest cities, Najaf and Karbala; 15 schools for the Abu Dhabi Education Council; The Fairmont Resort & Hotel in Abu Dhabi; Al Bateen Park Residential Development for Aldar Properties; as well as various other projects in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, and Iraq. Dewan recently established fully-fledged offices in Iraq’s Baghdad, Najaf, and Karbala. The firm is also in the advanced stages of establishing offices in Basra, Cairo and Doha during the first half of 2011.

    In addition to the above achievements, Dewan Architects & Engineers was also ranked:
  • 1:  Tied 3rd among surveyed practices on expected profit for the financial year.
  • 2:  9th among the highest earning practices in Masterplanning.
  • 3:  The 7th highest earning practice in the hotel sector.
The Annual World Architecture 100 list is described as “the definitive survey in its field”.

CityScape Abu Dhabi 2011
Dewan showcased regional projects at fifth annual Cityscape Abu Dhabi.
Al Assam: Dewan has confidence in the future of the regional markets, and we have every intention of continuing with our expansion plans.Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2011 exhibition is one of the region's premier real-estate property events, to be held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 17 to 20 April 2011, under the patronage of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi. Cityscape portfolio of exhibitions, conferences and seminars brings together international investors, developers, government and investment authorities, leading architects, designers, consultants and all senior professionals involved in the design and construction of real estate developments. Dewan is showcasing its regional projects – located in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Qatar, among other countries – at this prestigious event. Speaking of the firm’s participation in Cityscape Abu Dhabi 2011, Mohamed Al Assam, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Dewan, said, “Dewan has a lot of confidence in the future of the regional markets, and despite the recent unrest in parts of the Arab World, we have every intention of continuing with our expansion plans. Dewan’s business in the region has remained largely unaffected by the unrest, and we are confident that our growth will continue as per our plans.” “At the moment, we are focusing our energies on negotiating some key contracts we are expecting to close in Q2 of 2011 in Iraq, Saudi and the UAE,” Al Assam continued, as there will be major announcements made at the event regarding some of these contracts. Dewan is showcasing a number of its projects in the region, the K-12 Bateen School for Aldar Academies in Abu Dhabi, the Bateen Park Residential Community for Aldar, various schools and kindergartens for the Abu Dhabi Education Council as part of its Future Schools Program, the Fairmont Hotel and Resort in Abu Dhabi, the Shegery Residences City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the Urban Renewal planning work for the development of the Historic City Centres of the Holy Cities of Najaf and Karbala, Iraq.

Council of Ministers Competition - Baghdad, Iraq: 3rd Place
After a close competition with prominent international architectural firms, like ZahaHadid and others, Dewan Architects were selected for the 3rd prize to design the prestigious Council of Ministers buildings complex in Baghdad, on a prime location by the Tigris riverbank, a plot size of 140.000 sq.m. Dewan proposal was selected for its clear and functional arrangement of the buildings, beside its transparent monumentality representing the new and modern Iraq. The proposal incorporated several local architectural features treated with contemporary building technologies, resulting a local still monumental building in its scale, details and aesthetics. The buildings complex was elegantly integrated with its urban context in the city of Baghdad and other governmental buildings in the area, to appear as an urban landmark among the main visual and movement axes in the city. . . . .

Dewanees Talents

Architect Razan Dandan
is an architect at Dewan Office. She nurtured and developed a sensitive interest in photography during her architectural study.Travelling to other countries gave her the chance to discover and see other dimensions in places through the Camera lens, which adds moments of joy and creativity to the viewer. During recent yearsRazan focused on Architectural Photography as Part of her study and daily career.

Dewan People

Architect Mrs. Nidaa Al Gailani
Ms. Al Gailani has 44 years experience in Architectural Design and ProjectManagement. She worked on large scale and fast track projects from inception to handover throughout Iraq, Qatar, Oman and U.A.E. Ms. Gailani acting as a Senior Project Manager in Dewan, and in charge of some Dewan’s major and large scale developments. She describes her early career years and her choice of architecture as follows: “When I had the chance to choose a career, it has always been a choice between medicine and architecture; eventually the architecture prevailed, which was never regretted. The 46 years of my career witnessed smooth yet very challenging stages; The early steps in my professional career go back to the sixties, whereby I was involved within collaborative association in the design of the University of Baghdad, Iraq byWalter Gropius”. After spending 33 years in Iraq, Ms. Galiani decided to add a new challenge to her career by relocating outside Iraq to undertake projects mainly in UAE and Qatar.

    Nidaa Al Gailani was in charge of design and execution of major projects like:
  •  Marina Hotel in Yas Island, UAE.
  •  Cultural City, Qatar.
  •  University of Al Nahrain, College of Law.
  •  Medical School and extension to Al Kadimiya Hospital, Iraq.
Since she joined Dewan in 2007, Ms. Gailani was successful in adding and sharing good experience, client satisfaction and mostly meeting the fixed challenging deadline for the Marina Yas Hotel project, which was achieved to meet the opening of the formula 1 in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Gailani describes the change within the building industry in U.A.E, as a gigantic change in the construction technologies, with rapid and advanced development in engineering technology and scientific input that is demonstrated in the awareness of quality and sustainable solutions.


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