High end lifestyle where aesthetics and functionality come hand in hand to satisfy the taste of a new cultured open-minded generation.

A sophisticated blend of lifestyle entertainment and nature. Waterfront development is located within a stimulating public realm with unparalleled views towards the sea and towards the high-rise silhouette of dubai skyscrapers. Signature architectural structures with Green roof decks, even spaces, infinity pools, and panoramic terraces. From active lifestyles with plenty of activities and sports, to vibrant and friendly community gatherings, there’s never a shortage of something happening around in Dubai Harbour Residential.

Coupled with a variety of retail shops and boutiques the development will be Home to unique and local establishments as well as featuring brand name national restaurants and retailers, this new urban district creates exceptional retail opportunities .The sea in the backdrop, with expansive sidewalks that invite strolling and browse shopping. It offers unmatching experiences for a new demanding generation , for families , and for curious visitors, as a vibrant recreational maritime destination. There’s something for every outdoor enthusiast including boating, kite surf and stand-up paddling.