Inspired by the mountain fairy is where we created the artificial topography.

Inspired by Sapa with stepped platforms as public spaces that will also serve as reservoir to control flooding by purposely flooding certain platforms in the rainy season and creating a live landscape that changes with the weather. The lower floors (where interaction between the public and the ministerial staff) will have the main lobbies and private meeting rooms, that do not require natural light; and complimentary functions for the staff, and the public, including nurseries, library, supermarket, restaurants, learning centers and others.

The ministries’ main entrances, each ministry will be reached through a customized entrance that will be designed by a nationwide student competition so as the identity of the buildings will be generated from the people to which the ministries are serving, as well as the connecting bridges, will be parallel to the existing axis of the rice fields orientation as respect and tribute for the old generation of Vietnam, who built the country. The complex will have educational centers for children to learn about the country, the future, the activities of each ministry, the waste sustainable management strategies of the building and future technologies.

The building is elevated with topography to activate the ground floor for the public, increase natural ventilation and create public spaces as an extension of the city that in turn are protected from the hot sun by the building itself. The water in the landscape gives the plot character, controls the temperature and controls floods in a natural way by having platforms with different levels. Sustainability methods are incorporated in the design to increase the building’s efficiency.