The world’s largest covered Sahan in the winter time, Inspired by the wisdom of Islam and its word.

The design is celebrated by its gardens and lush flowers that draw its vision from the 120 reference made in the Quran on Janat al Firdaws. The flooring pattern in the main Sahan is a circle with 8 axes that symbolize the spread of God’s word and the people’s embrace of Islam from all directions of the world, while the 8 axes denote that 8 gates of Jannah mentioned in the Hadeeth.

While the design philosophy of the mosque is inspired by the wisdom of Islam and establish itself as a f lagship for the worshippers and the world to behold. The mosque also is a cornerstone in modern innovation that puts it on the world map through having a retractable roof with a very sophisticated technology that could be closed in winter time. This will make it the largest covered Sahan in the world with dimensions of 140 x 130 meters.

The grand mosque is the house of more than 10,000 worshippers in the main hall and another 16,000 in the Sahan who gather in this architectural marvel that holds witness to the teachings of Islam while writing another chapter in Kazakhstan story of self-made achievement and innovation. This is a design that creates a story of a landmark and a start of an anchor to the identity of Astana. This is a design that provides another jewel to the Khazakh’s rich history, another triumph in their present narrative and a worldly celebration of technological innovation.

Construction Update: November 2021